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Jon Richardson Fanfic Pt7

Arriving a few minutes before 3 Jon was contemplating weather to order a coffee or wait for Jaycee’s arrival. Not wanting to look like a weirdo on his own with or without a drink. The question to get a drink or not was still uncertain to Jon. Not wanting to get a drink for fear Jaycee would find it rude. Also a fear of not getting a drink just incase the employes decide to kick him out as he’s not buying their product. Deciding to read the paper that was left on the table next to him to kill time until Jaycee’s arrival in 10 minutes if she is to arrive on the time she said.

Jon was in grossed in an article about schooling in Britain in till his concentration was broken by the sound of someone sitting in the chair opposite. Slowly looking over the top of his newspaper seeing Jaycee smiling opposite him. Jon smiles back, putting the newspaper down in front if him. “Sorry I’m late Jon” Jaycee stated apologetically.
“That’s ok.” Jon replied captivated by her smile. “Let me get you a drink. What would you like?”
“Latte please”
Jon nodded walking to the till to order the coffee. Jon returned a few minutes later with their coffees. He found Jaycee no longer wearing her coat but sporting a long sleeved grey top that hugged her figure and showed off just a little cleavage just the right amount in Jon’s eyes. She wore black skinny jeans that seemed to cling to her legs. Of course Jon noticed her black and blue skater type shoes because he was judging her trying to figure out just by looking at her what kind of girl she is. Jon new this wasn’t a nice or polite thing to do but he couldn’t help it.

Jon set down her coffee in front of her she replied simply with a smile as thanks. Once Jon sat down Jaycee was rummaging through her handbag which was a simple two handle, small hand bag with a bow on one side. She pulled out a long simple multicoloured leather purse upon opening the purse she asked “how much do I owe you?”
That made Jon smile “Nothing. My treat”
“You sure?” She asked with her purse still ajar
” yes I’m sure honestly, it’s fine”
“Ok well I buy the drinks next time?”
Jon just sat their looking at her was she expecting to see him again? Did she want to see him again? He was unsure what to make of what she had just said.
“Jon?” Jaycee asked with a concerned voice.
“Yeah ok the next time then” Jon replied still unsure and surprised by her past comment but couldn’t help but smile at what she had just said. Deciding to forget her past comment and continue with a conversation to keep try keep Jaycee interested.

The conversation seemed to flow rather well they had talked for an hour. Jon had learned a few new things about the girl opposite him. He learned that she finished University in 2011 and spent six months teaching English in Japan and six months in Korea before returning to the UK. He found she had a keen interest in Asia and an interest in traveling. She is currently working in a school in Surrey as of course, an English teacher. Although she asked about him Jon tried not to give to much away scared of her reaction. He was glad she didn’t know who he is and hopes even if she does find out her outlook on him doesn’t change.

Deciding that they should relocate due to them having drunk two coffees each and in no need for anymore. Unsure what to suggest or how to imply that he doesn’t want their date to end at coffee with out implying that he wants to sleep with her. He doesn’t want to sleep with her he wants her company for a little longer, weather it just be sitting opposite her looking at her beautiful smile for a little longer.

“Did you want to.. Do.. something else? Like go for a walk?” Jon asked stuttering and staring at his hands.
“Yeah I’d like that Jon” Jaycee smiled.

Both Jon and Jaycee pulled on their coats and ventured outside to know where in particular continuing their conversation on how football is useless.

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